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Monday, February 23, 2009

More Peace and Love Please

I found my peace sign necklace from the sixties recently. The leather cord is smooth with sweat, the knots tight from forty years of wear and tear. I wonder how many miles it walked with me protesting the war in the sixties and seventies? I gave it away to my cousin Jane when I left the country to live on boats and sail around the world. Twenty years later she gave it to my daughter Lauren. And when she was cleaning out her room to move to New York with her fiance', she gave it back to me.

Full circle, spinning wheels, what goes around comes around. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine. A world of peace and love, where all the children are cared for, educated, encouraged, celebrated.

I have my peace sign back, and there are still wars today to protest. Still veterans coming home wounded to welcome back. Still families grieving their lost ones. Still innocent children both in this country and across the universe in Iraq and Afganistan suffering from wars.

The PeaceLoveMarket here is a refuge for all of us who are calling for peace, dancing for love and celebrating what still holds us together. I'm working on more art for peace and love. A Sacred Heart of mica clay with a door open, crowned with the fire of chiles, burning for justice, burning for more Peace. More Love.


kay said...

Powerful post with full circle experience! Your voice rings loud and true.

Sue Choppers-Wife / http://peacelovemarket.com said...

You know how I love your spirit, but that photo sings it out loud!

Debbie~ said...

A lifetime of Peace & Love, revisited from the past to present time!
~Simply Beautiful~

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