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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"It's a mitzvah to sew a chuppah!"

I'm finished! I had a long day yesterday with a particular challenge sewing the nine panels, getting them all to align, and then hemming so it was finished elegantly on the reverse. At the end of the day yesterday, my target day for completion, I realized I needed to design special holders for the bamboo poles to slip into, then be tied down. I used blue leather to create sheaths to protect the silk at each corner. Now I am confidant that the chuppah will be nicely anchored and protected by the leather holders and the silken ribbon ties.

This morning I harvested four bamboo poles from my garden, and with the help of one of the brides, we walked the poles through the eucalyptus grove and to their home. The photo above shows it hanging from the eaves of their patio. The detail photo to the right shows the corner piece and me, proud chuppah mama. I can't wait to see it up on the bamboo poles, backlit by the sunny sky above. Illuminated silk has a shimmering beauty that is breathtaking.

Marti and Kathy are both touched by the beauty of their chuppah. And I am filled with joy for them. I look forward to attending their wedding on Saturday. Pictures, of course, will follow!

Here's a detail of the effects that are caused by salt sprinkled onto the wet, dyed silk. Gorgeous, eh?

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Unique Garden said...

I came for a second, only to spend several minutes! Your artwork is quite beautiful and fascinating! Thank you for sharing so eloquently!

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